Legislative Advocacy

The WCMC serves an important advocacy role by representing municipal interests at the county, state, and federal levels of government.  The WCMC develops policies and initiatives on legislation affecting municipal governments.  Through the Legislative Committee, members analyze various pieces of legislation and also encourage members to voice their opinions on proposals that affect local governments.

Legislative Breakfast

Each year, the WCMC invites area Congressman, Senators, Representatives and Commissioners to the Annual Legislative Breakfast. The breakfast provides WCMC members with an opportuntiy to meet the numerous regional elected officials in an informal setting. The informal setting provides for a more open exchange of ideas or issues. If you are interested in participating in this yearly event, please contact Judy Corvo.

Legislative Drive Down

Each year, the WCMC invites members to become involved in the legislative process first hand by travelling to Springfield to participate in the Annual Springfield Legislative Conference. The Springfield Conference is an excellent way for WCMC members to address the Senators, Representatives, Legislative Leaders, and Constitutional Officers on issues that have a direct impact upon us in west Cook County. If you are interested in participating in the Conference, please contact Judy Corvo.

Legislative Priorities

Identification of important issues by the members, results in a listing of legislative priorities.

In prioritizing, emphasis is placed upon issues which:

  • Impact the association of communities in west suburban Cook County
  • Impose unfunded mandates upon municipalities and townships
  • Restrict local control
  • Place municipal revenues at risk
  • Limit municipal tort immunity
  • Expand the powers of home rule authority

These principles provide a framework for the Legislative Priorities.