Informational Technology Consortium

Several years ago, member municipalities brought forth an innovative idea to the WCMC. The idea was to develop a group purchasing program for Informational Technology (IT) services. After an initial survey, we discovered that many communities in our region did not have an in-house IT department, instead they contracted out to private vendors. Since there was a sufficient amount of interest for a group purchasing program, an Informational Technology Consortium was created. As a result, participants receive quality IT services at a lower rate to what they were previously paying.

After development of a Request for Proposals and an extensive interview process, the WCMC has chosen Current Technologies Corporation (CTC) as the vendor of choice for this program. CTC is an independent IT, systems integration, and consulting firm. CTC has agreed to:

  • Design, implement, and support a member’s multi-platform Wide Area Network and or/ Local Area Network
  • Document the various systems within a member community and periodically update the documentation
  • Design and prepare for all software applications and programming modifications
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems
  • Perform necessary repair and maintenance of personal computer networks
  • Provide system file backup for PC operations, including restoring databases in case of system malfunction
  • Monitor network security and usage, including documentation of information system processes and procedures
  • Assume responsibility for the operation of each member’s Microsoft Windows Domain and the Wide Area Network, including monitoring network performance, security, and data back-up procedures
  • Assist users with operational problems
  • Perform general maintenance on all software packages
  • Coordinate problem solving with software vendors; contact support hotlines to resolve problems
  • Set-up initial files, directories, and security to accommodate department needs (i.e. installation of peripherals, user files, etc.)
  • Install hardware, software, and peripherals
  • Ensure continual operation of computer systems, even in response to emergency situations
  • Generate monthly and annual reports of each member’s problems and discrepancies in operation
  • Provide recommendations on solutions to issues, including cost estimates for repairs and/or replacement items
  • Research, evaluate, and advise management of enhancements to and new releases of hardware and software technologies
  • Establish, communicate, and/or monitor hardware and software standards at each member community
  • Assist with hardware and software purchases, including budget preparation
  • Recommend additional consulting support services, when necessary

The contract for IT services will be between the WCMC and CTC. The WCMC will manage and pay the costs of the IT program based on the number of participants joining the consortium. However, the relationships with CTC will be with each WCMC community independently, so that direct contact may be preserved for IT work during business and non-business hours. Please contact Judy Corvo, for discounted consortium pricing and questions about this program.