Many Voices, One Vision


The Executive Committee, chaired by the Conference President, manages the affairs of the Conference. This includes, among other duties, establishing a set of goals and objectives to attain during the next fiscal year; reviewing and recommending the annual budget as recommended by the Finance Committee; reviewing and recommending changes to Conference programs; and other duties as required by the Conference membership.

Staff Contact

Richard Pellegrino
Executive Director


Ben Sells
President, Riverside
Angelo "Skip" Saviano
Vice President, Elmwood Park
Paul Volpe
Treasurer, Elmwood Park
Andre Harvey
Director, Bellwood
Katrina Thompson
Director, Broadview
Arlene Jezierny
Director, Harwood Heights
Christopher Getty
Director, Lyons
Jeffrey Sherwin
Director, Northlake
Alice Gallagher
Director, Western Springs
Brent Woods
Director, Willow Springs
Hugh Hermanek
Ex-Officio, North Riverside
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